Satoshi's Last Will

A Science Fiction Thriller about BITCOIN's Founder


Satoshi’s Last Will is set in a near future. It introduces people to Bitcoin in an entertaining and exciting way. While following a classical treasure hunt plot, viewers experience a world where governments and banks have lost their power, people live together in decentralised, voluntary communities and blockchain technology has changed the way people interact.


In the year 2049, Laurie Vega, an agent of a private law enforcement company, has to solve a mysterious murder case: one of the heirs of Bitcoin’s inventor Satoshi Nakamoto was killed. The murderer stole a microchip which contains a very valuable private key.


After having invented Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto vanished without ever having disclosed his identity. He had generated many Bitcoins himself and never touched them, so after his death he left an enormous fortune. In his last will he ordered that his heritage must be invested in “projects that make the world a better place”. As in his last years he suffered from a brain disease, he chose seven people as trustees to decide what to do with his money after his death. Each of them has received a multi-signature private key. Six out of seven have to come together to access his fortune.


But someone wants the money all for himself. The villain tries to get all the private keys before the other ones can join them to unlock Satoshi‘s treasure – and he does it by all means. Laurie’s task is to protect the remaining key owners and to find out who is the villain. After many dramatic incidents and unexpected turns, in the end waits a big surprise.

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