Films for Crypto Clients

Many of our clients are from the Bitcoin and Blockchain industry. We are Bitcoin enthusiasts ourselves, so our clients don't have to explain us how Bitcoin works and why it is useful. 

Showreel containing short excerpts of some of our animated films for Bitcoin clients

Crypto-based lending platform YouHodler

Bitcoin saving platform

Decentralised gaming platform Guld Games

ICO launch video for Bob's Repair (Director's Cut)

ICO launch video for the crypto mining company Bit & Coin

ICO launch video for social network Traderlink

ICO launch video for the esports platform

Blockchain based social network Steem

Greeneum, tokenized platform for renewable energies

Regular video show about the Internet of People with Sarah Klostermair

Explainer video about Emergent Consensus

*thisApp, a decentralised exchange (merchants version)

Bitcoin Wallet Mycelium

Trailer for the Latin American Bitcoin Conference in Buenos Aires

Music video for the Glam Rock song 'Blockchain Eternity'

Blockchain Contest by Bitcoin@GTEC

German Bitcoin marketplace

Peer-to-peer lending platform Bitbond

Intelligent decentralised network Tauchain

Omni, a layer over the Bitcoin blockchain for issueing and trading various assets

Charity BitGive Foundation

Security device Mycelium Entropy

Asset trading protocol Colored Coins

Payment platform Coinzone

Mining company Knc Miner

Shop solution BopShop by Bits of Proof

Trading company Bitcoin Trader

Decentralised exchange *thisApp

Trailer for the conference LaBitConf Rio de Janeiro

Cloud mining company Genesis Mining

Talent backing platform CoinPowers