Bitfilm of the Day is our film competition on Steemit. On Steemit you can earn money by posting good content. We are using this unique feature to reward outstanding films by other film makers.



The Rules of the Competition:  


1. Each day from Monday to Friday around 7 pm CET we will present the Bitfilm of the Day on 


2. Films can be created with any technique, be from any genre and cover any topic. They need to be available online. The length should preferrably be not more than five minutes.


3. Steemit users can vote for the films. All votes have the same weight. 


4. Votes casted in the first 24 hours after a film's launch in the competion are counted.

5. The Steem Dollars generated until the disclosure of the winner are collected. 


6. The film with the most votes (regardless of the voters' Steem Power) wins the prize Bitfilm of the Week. It will be disclosed on Sunday of that week. 

7. 70% of the collected Steem Dollars of that week go to the winning film maker. The rest pays the curator's work of selecting and presenting the films.

8. The Steem Power remains with @bitfilm. It will be used to upvote all films of the competition.  

9. We will contact the winners of the prize. Payouts will be made in Steem Dollars or Bitcoin. We do not use banks or government monopoly money.


10. If the prize winner does not redeem the prize money one month after the disclosure of their Bitfilm of the Week, it will go to @bitfilm.


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