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The Bitfilm Festival for digital film will be the first film festival worldwide which pays the prize money in Bitcoins, the new digital currency.

Bitcoin is money that is generated by a sophisticated mathematical process on the Internet without the need of a central bank. It is desgined to be as rare as gold and will therefore not be subject to inflation. Its value has risen from a few cents to about 7 Dollars in the last months. More than 2000 products and services can be bought with Bitcoin and its acceptance as a means of payment is constantly rising.

The Bitfilm Festival's prize money will be raised through a crowd sourcing process. Therefore we ask all participating filmmakers and film fans who like to watch Bitfilms on the Internet to transfer some Bitcoins (or fractions of it) to Bitfilm's wallet:


You may also open an account or buy Bitcoins at our partner Bitcoin.de (only available in German so far).

The sum will be split between the award winners in the three categories.
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