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Puzzle (Go West : Episode 2)

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Taiwan 2012     03:50

Keywords: High definition / Machinima    

Genre(s): Animation / Experimental     Language: Chinese / English

"Puzzle" appropriates and re-purposes avatars, speeches, plots and levels from videogame to create parallels between the happenings in real life and the dystopian in Half Life. It is a montage of memory fragments and dreams of anxiety, confusion, depression and fears about the loss of identity. The omnipresent propaganda, compulsive invitation, and overwhelming media manipulation press the public to take sides. Whether you have chosen, been chosen or not chosen, your future is never in your hands. To go or not to go is a puzzle, and unless the System breaks down, one cannot find the missing puzzle piece in life.


Directed by:
Ping-Yao Chen

Matt Griffin (a.k.a. Max Alexander)

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