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>> Filip Sterckx:


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Belgium 2012     04:02

Keywords: 3D Animation / Live action    

Genre(s): Music video     Language: English


Musicvideo for Willow's single 'Sweater'.
Everything shot in studio with 3 beamers projecting on a floor and two walls.

The singer told me he sings about a rough break-up: whatever you do to keep the relationship going, it's not going to work anymore. So that's how I decided to let him undertake a journey to the bottom of the ocean. A very peaceful, quiet place, far away from everyone and everything, perfect place to get over a heart-break. He then goes on and travels to the centre of the world. It's going downhill throughout the whole video (stairs, escalator, down into the ocean). But once you're in the centre of the world, you can't go down anymore. The only way is up...


Directed by:
Filip Sterckx

Director of photography:
Pierre Schreuder

Filip Sterckx

Filip Sterckx


Pieter-Jan van den Troost

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