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The Machinima category is for films of all genres that were shot in realtime inside computer games or virtual worlds such as Second Life.

The voting deadline is April 11, 2013.

You may boost your vote by donating Bitcoins to the films you like. The film with the most votes and the highest amount of donated Bitcoins will win the Bitfilm Machinima Award. The donated money of this category will be divided among the three best ranked films.

       The Trap

René Jacob
       Remember Me

Kate Lee
Sherwin Liu
       Blade Runner Machinima Tribute

Glasz DeCuir
       Round the Corner

John Herd
       Old men and Insects

Tommaso Palermo
       Happy birthday

Vincent C
       Once upon a time

John herd
       Flufee on a Meshion Episode 13 - 美香の箱 [Mika's Box]

Draxtor Despres
       Puzzle (Go West : Episode 2)

Ping-Yao Chen
       Tales of Crusade: The Dark Tower

Philipp Schiefelbein
       The Chapelside Deception

Iain Friar
       Metamorf II

Zden Hlinka
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