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The Bitfilm Festival is organised by Bitfilm Networks GmbH, based in Hamburg (Germany).

The Bitfilm Festival was founded in 2000 as a festival for digital film in Hamburg, Germany. From 2000 to 2002, it was an integral part of the International Short-Film Festival in Hamburg. In 2003, it cooperated with Filmfest Hamburg.

The Bitfilm Festival was the first festival worldwide with a Machinima competition for films made with computer games, the first German festival with a competition for films made for viewing on mobile phones and the first worldwide festival with a competition for real-time demos.

In 2006, it started showing all films on the Internet and allowed the global Internet community to vote on them.

Since 2007 the Bitfilm Festival has usually taken place on the Internet and in two cities each year: Hamburg and Barcelona in 2007, Hamburg and Stuttgart in 2008, Hamburg and Tel Aviv in 2009, Hamburg and Bangalore in 2011.

Bitfilm had guest appearances in Paris, Barcelona, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne.

Video documentaries
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