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the film treats of the philosopher heraklit and his understanding about the logos, heroism and if the war is the father of everything. the logos is translated as the word, argument, law, doctrine, human & divine rationality, view of life. the short movie is my diploma thesis. its a brickfilm, a stop motion film with LEGO. its basically animated with after effects and photoshop. the story is complicated and you have to watch the movie several times to understand every detail. on the on hand its a science fiction film on the other hand its a film about the retro feeling of space LEGO. i quote the oldschool LEGO style and include a philosophic high appealingly story. the main story is about a kid which plays with LEGO. the viewer watches basically the LEGO-world and the LEGO-actors don’t know that they are played by a kid which exists in an universe over theirs. For the LEGO-world the kid is “the word”. Important for the story is, that there are more universes nested into each other.
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