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Directed by:
Gokhan Okur

Produced by:
Gokhan Okur

Director of photography:
Gokhan Okur

Gokhan Okur

Internet Image Database Film Making: Movie Assembl...

Short film     

Keywords: 2D Animation - Short film - Stop motion

Genre(s): Experimental     Language: No dialogue

Flickr.com has millions of photos tagged by users and if you place proper images one after another you can build a virtual camera. The hard part is finding suitable images. Movie Assembly is a collaborative internet film making-new media project and aims to build a short film by using images on Flickr.com.

In Movie Assembly there is no camera, I am just collecting and sorting the images to create frames which will construct the film. The process is like making an animated movie; here I am not drawing the frames but downloading them from the internet. From this perspective everything on the web could be a source. Because its size and tags, I defined our source as a single database: Flickr.com.

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