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Directed by:
Tobias Dickmeis

Produced by:
Cyoshi Crucial GmbH im Auftrag von Mobile Streams

DQ Entertainment Ltd.
Land Marvel Animation Studios

Gunnar Bergmann
Jan Bintakies
Falk Bittner
Andreu Campos

Best Company Video GmbH

Krüger Studios GmbH
Co. KG

Robert Missler (Stimmen)

Suicidal Squirrels

Mobile serial     100 x 30 min

Keywords: 2D Animation - Mobile entertainment - Series

Genre(s): Comedy - Fun     Language: No dialogue

"Suicidal Squirrels" is a premium cartoon brand that's fun and simply irresistible. You just have to love those sweet little Squirrels that kill themselves one by one in a series of most ingenious suicides -- always with a smile on their tiny little faces.

Due to its cute edginess and carefully selected distinctive background music, the property appeals to the young mobile target group. Being dialogue-free, it works in any market as-is.

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