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Directed by:
Nuno Tudela and others

Produced by:

Emanuel Raimundo

Alice Geirinhas
Carla Pott
Marta Torrão
Alex Gozblau



Keywords: 3D Animation - High definition - Interactive media - Live action - Short film

Genre(s): Children - Experimental     Language: English / French / German / Italian / Portuguese

Alice a contemporaneous adaptation of “Alice’s Adventures in the Wonderland”, mixing 3D with real action. Contextualized in the 21st century it explores the potentialities of the new media. The multi-linear story follows two main paths, from which the viewer may jump at determined key-moments, leading to different ends. The TV adaptation will include two autonomous versions of the story.
This movie is financed by Media Plus and Portuguese Film and Multimedia Institute. Still, we are LOOKING FOR PARTNERS interested in CO-PRODUCTION, so feel free to contact.

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