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Directed by:
Alexander Lehmann

Produced by:
Alexander Lehmann

Director of photography:
Alexander Lehmann

Alexander Lehmann

Alexander Lehmann

Alexander Lehmann

Alexander Lehmann

Alexander Lehmann

Guy Andrews

Alexander Lehmann

Sprecher: Ernst Walter Siemon

You are a Terrorist
(Du bist Terrorist)

Short film     1 x 2 min

Keywords: 2D Animation - 3D Animation - High definition - Motion graphics - Short film

Genre(s): Animation - Documentary - Educational     Language: German / English

„You are Terrorist“ is a persiflage on both of the official Social-Marketing-Campaigns.
While „Du bist Deutschland“ was promoting the national consciousness and a child-friendly germany, „You are a Terrorist“ is the answer to todays politics in Germany.
All Citizens are under general suspicion. With the new laws, germany becomes a prevential surveillance society.
By visualizing the already passed and future laws, it shows how the Germany of the present and the very near future does look like.

The video was made to sensitize the citizens for such topics as privacy and freedom. It shows and explains the dimension and range of the new passed laws and is supposed to motivate the people to get politically active against immolating more and more privacy and freedom.

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