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Experiment 23

United Kingdom 2006     04:00

Keywords: 2D Animation - Flash    

Genre(s): Action - Adventure - Experimental - Fantasy - Music video - Science Fiction     Language: English


This animation was built entirely in Flash. We did however build it with TV in mind and so the bitmaps are pretty huge. This means that it cannot be played at 25 fps on a standard computer and the filesize is very large.

In view of this we have converted the animation to a low res movie and then embedded it in flash. We have enclosed some examples of the flash vector artwork - to prove that it was created in Flash.

The animation itself was an experimental piece done by one of our animators between client work.

The short tells the classic tale where man meets boy, boy gets chased by mechtank, boys arm super-deforms until he squashes soldiers head in hand, boy grows to size of skyscraper, entire town gets flattened by oversized boy....


Directed by:
Darren Butcher

Produced by:

Tom Cooke

Tom Cooke

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