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spenza schnittMenge

Germany 2006     04:27

Keywords: 2D Animation - 3D Animation - Flash - VJ Art    

Genre(s): Music video     Language: No dialogue

Displayed first on newly founded vakant x is munich?s very own experimental video and sound artist Spenza. Spenza released on labels such as Gomma (as spenzer) or Delete Records (with Daniel Rajkovic) back in the days and is showcasing his new videos kunstFehler and schnittMenge on VX whose audio/visual interaction is simply pushing boundaries. Music and video written and produced by himself. more at: www.vakant.net/vx
download full version here


Directed by:
Stephan Bolch

Produced by:
Stephan Bolch

Director of photography:
Stephan Bolch

Stephan Bolch

Stephan Bolch

Stephan Bolch

Stephan Bolch

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