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Germany 2008     30:00

Keywords: 3D Animation - High definition - Live action - Short film - Visual FX    

Genre(s): Science Fiction     Language: German


In 1972 NASA launches the Pioneer 10 satellite. On board a golden plaque showing an engraved message for extraterrestrial intelligence: The symbolic picture of our solar system and the image of a man and a woman.
For the inhabitants of smalltown Rosfeld, encounters of the third kind are completely out of the picture. A lot more pressing is the question why rival village Bisiningen has once again won the local football tournament. All attempts by Rosfeld's mayor Berger to change his insignificant village's fate have failed for years.
This small world is turned upside down, when suddenly a spaceship materializes over the village's rooftops.
Now mayor Berger sees his chance for eternal glory. He will make the first interstellar contact! And this time NOBODY will question Rosfeld's right to a place in the history books!
What Berger does not take into account while planning the reception is, that everything the alien life form knows about mankind fits on a small golden plaque...


Directed by:
Henning Ricke

Produced by:
Henning Ricke und Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln

Director of photography:
Patrick Waldmann

Markus Pech
Henning Ricke
Christian Wallmeier
Jan Ziemann
Mel Schneider

Thorsten Franzen

Zuhal Er

Marc Meester

Marc Meester u. Oliver Götz

Henning Ricke

Special Effects:
Jan Ziemann
Bartos Przybyla
Jonas Uebelin
Thorsten Lechner

Bürgermeister Berger - Lutz Reichert
Ferdi - Lars Evers
Frau Kombüchen - Alice Esser
Fährmann - Gerd Buurmann
Jonas - Magnus Kron
David - Constantin Hochkeppel
Bauer Koppler - Frank Trunz
Pfarrer Heimann - Jo Stock
Frau Berger - Monika Blankenberg
Christine - Maike Jüttendonk
Kapellmeister Ulrich - Klaus Gerritzen
Alien - Henning Ricke
Radiosprecher - Daniel Feigenbutz
Erzähler Intro - Marc Rossman

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