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Saving Grace

Germany 2008     21:17

Keywords: 3D Animation - Machinima    

Genre(s): Science Fiction     Language: English

The Earth is slowly dying. Humanity is living underground.
In an attempt to find a new home for humanity, teams of one human and one Artificial Intelligence Companion are send out into the vastness of space.
This is the story of Grace.

Filmed using Moviestorm, The Movies Stunts&Effects and X³Terran Conflict.


Directed by:
Simone (sisch) Schleu

Produced by:
Simone Schleu

Director of photography:
Simone Schleu

Moviestorm; The Movies S
E; X³ Terran Conflict

Simone Schleu

Simone Schleu

Simone Schleu

Simone Schleu

Special Effects:
Simone Schleu

AnotherNewDawn; Goofparade; sisch

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