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LIQST_liquid state

Portugal 2008     11:54

Keywords: 2D Animation - 3D Animation - High definition - Short film - Visual FX    

Genre(s): Experimental     Language: No dialogue


Between the artistís studio and the scientistís lab, we face two worlds that come together for the same liquid state. These worlds - painting and chemistry - are they so far? The colour, the movement and the textures from those worlds will fill the screen in a poetic and aesthetic dialogue.

This project aims to research and merge Art and Science. The artistic purpose is to investigate the aesthetic possibilities of liquid matter and to recreate new visual formulae. It can use all Tools, Expressions and Methods which may form through the long research/creation process.

Pure pleasure and absolute freedom are the main ingredients of this movie. It tries to sustain the link between two apparently different and highly aesthetic universes: liquid chemistry and liquid paint.
Using clichťs, stereotypes an even archetypes, I question: What is
abstraction? What is movement (or its illusion)? What is anti- movement (like the silence in music)?


Directed by:
anabela costa

Produced by:
anabela costa

Director of photography:
anabela costa

antůnio santos_carla nascimento_anabela costa

anabela costa

inÍs duarte_anabela costa

inÍs duarte

anabela costa

Special Effects:
anabela costa

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