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Paper Trail

United States of America 2007     16:00

Keywords: 3D Animation - Motion graphics    

Genre(s): Animation - Experimental - Fantasy     Language: English


This concept started a an experiment with 3DS Max particles and an idea I had with paper unfolding. It then evolved into a slightly longer, self contained piece with sound effects, and end tag to promote my site digitalblackbook.com.

Since then it has been used in the Somersault 2007 reel. The 444/Trikes were used to represent Somersault’s move to a new location, 444 being the new address. It has also been featured in the Chicago Motion Graphics festival (2007), the Boomerlabs gallery section. It was part of the Autodesk 2007 Siggraph reel and most recently will be featured in Computer Arts magazine.


Directed by:
Amador Valenzuela

Amador Valenzuela

Amador Valenzuela

John Wong
Cory Coken

Prefuse 73

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