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Archana Prasad

Art director

Jaaga.in, bangalore (IN)

Previous companies
Microsoft Research India

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Founded by Freeman Murray and Archana Prasad in Bangalore, India in August 2009, Jaaga looks at developing an environment that connects people to their habitat organically and dynamically.
Jaaga is focused on creating a culture that uses digital technology in new ways - from cross-continental real-time poetry readings to installations seeking to manifest the coming Internet consciousness.
What makes Jaaga particularly unique is that it is an ever evolving nomadic, artistic, social, environmental & technical experiment.
We view Jaaga as a public, communal masterpiece in the making. A space constantly in flux, reacting to the creative inputs, demands & desires of her inhabitants & her surroundings.
Through collaborations with visiting artists and technologists, who interact with its modular structure, Jaaga is a living, evolving building that pushes towards being sentient, environmentally responsible and reactive.

After Effects

2D Animation, Compositing, Design, Distribution, Festival, Interactive media, Live action, Motion graphics, Post production, Short film, Sound design, Stop motion, Visual FX, VJ Art, Web design, Web portal

Website:   www.jaaga.in

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