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VideoSnack, Moscow (RU)

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VideoSnack works on short animation and video production for mobile devices. Based in Moscow, Russia, the company creates original content for the new generation media. VideoSnack's product range consists of 1-2 minutes long “videosnacks” optimized for 2-inch screens of mobile phones.

Special requirements for the production of mobile phone videos include extensive use of close-up and medium shots rather then wide shots, as well as reduced episode length. Hence, we shoot “videosnacks” especially for mobile phones. With current mobile phone content largely consisting of repackaged TV programs, we aim to bring about a major change so that original content comes to dominate the mobile market, and look forward to being at the leading edge of the new medium.

After Effects, Flash, Maya, Motion Builder, Photoshop, Premiere

2D Animation, 3D Animation, Content acquisition, Distribution, Flash, Interactive media, Mobile entertainment, Series, Short film

Website:   www.videosnack.net

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