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Citizen K + The Bleach Boys
Aaron Koenig

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Kiritan Flux

Designer, Programmer, VJ

VisualBerlin, Berlin (DE)

KIRITAN [ki-ri-tan], hindi, male name.
1. royal, crowned
2. KIRAN [ki-rahn], light-beam
FLUX [fluks], n. Lat. fluxus, fluo, fluxi.
1. The act of flowing; the motion or passing of a fluid.
2. The moving or passing of any thing in continued succession. Things in this
life, are in a continual flux.

Having performed in various constellation besides his one-man-show, Kiritan Flux is founding member of the Visual Berlin association and currently works together with fRED as the VJ collective FREDquadrat.

His style is purposefully lo-fi and trashy but elegant and stylish
at the same time. His content consists of self-filmed absurdities,
abstract forms and patterns and cinematographic treasures.
Urban impressions and portrayals of technical imagery with
attention to detail are mixed with hommages to 70s
blaxploitation and b-movies. Kiritan Flux himself calls his art
„nerd-kore pixel-flicks.“

2D Animation, Camera, Design, Festival, Flash, Interactive media, Post production, Visual FX, VJ Art, Web design, Web portal

Website:   www.kiritanflux.de

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