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Directed by:
Joe Corrao

Produced by:
Joe Corrao

Joe Corrao

Joe Corrao

Joe Corrao

Mario Piazza

Voices; Brock Baker
Joe Corrao

The Frankenellos Teaser

Web serial     15 x 26 min

Keywords: 2D Animation - Flash

Genre(s): Animation - Comedy - Fun - Horror     Language: English

Welcome to adventures of the Number 1 crime family,
The Frankenellos. Featuring Doc Frankenello, Paulie Impaler, Johnny 3 Times, Spider, Fly, Lug, Lenore, Debbie, Tony Jr. and of course, everybody's favorite "made guy" Tony Frankenello. Watch as Tony tries to keep his "families" running properly, while dealing with lifes little problems...You know losing your head, Hits that won't stay hit, and trying to get the stink of Formaldehyde outa your suit.

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