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On My Way

Taiwan 2010     19:52

Keywords: 2D Animation - Short film    

Genre(s): Animation - Love     Language: Chinese


‘On My Way’ is about a girl’s search for a memory left behind by her deceased brother. In the process of traveling, inadvertently, she encountered a boy, who was obligated to help her - to locate the exact place of the scenery in her photograph. On the other hand, he was afraid that she would leave once the place was found so he brought her to the wrong places and kept her in the dark till the day she shared her life's story. The boy finally helped her to realise her wishes. During sunrise, they arrived at the beach. It is the exact scenery in her photograph. She had been suppressing her misery but she could no longer hold back her tears, yet, it was tears of joy. She felt as if she was looking at the world's most beautiful and memorable scene through her brother's eyes. In the end, not only did she obtain her brother's memory, she, too had her memories of a sweet summer love.


Directed by:
Muh Chen

Produced by:
Yi Chien Lee

Director of photography:
Fisher Yu

Ming-Yuan Chuan
Roland Yang
David Liu
Hank Liu
Irene Chen
Hsia Han Tseng

Hank Liu

Fu Ching Hsiao

Muh Chen

Kiwi Inc.

Chen Pan
Beijing Showcitytimes Entertainment Co.
Universal Music

Kay Jan

Chen Pan
Bryan Chang

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