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Our Little World

Germany 2008     03:51

Keywords: 2D Animation - Motion graphics - Short film    

Genre(s): Animation - Educational     Language: German


An animated short about the complexity of our little world.

One day, an adorable elderly couple, sitting in their cosy allotment, starts to wonder: “Where does all our stuff originally come from?”

While taking a closer look at their electrically powered chicken grill, they backtrack the causal relationships that lead to our material prosperity. When trying to get to the bottom of things, they realize that the world is directly heading for numerous catastrophes.

The film makes us see small things in a bigger context. Every decision we make has effects we don't realize – due to the large extent of interconnection in our world.


Directed by:
Josef Buchner

Director of photography:
Janine Ilg

Johannes Berner

Tom Kohlbauer

Leni Fischer
Hans Fischer

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