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Bill & John Episode II : "The Danger Attacks at Da...

France 2006     12:25

Keywords: 3D Animation - Machinima - Motion graphics - Series - Short film - Visual FX    

Genre(s): Comedy     Language: French


On April 4th, 2004, US Air Force pilots Lieutenants Bill
and John, were caught doing some very dangerous flying
under a bridge, nearly causing a dreadful car accident on
the person of the General himself.
After two years and a half of flight restriction, the
commanders of the Air Force Base have decided to
reintegrate them as ground attack pilots.
This new assignment will be truly effective only after
they pass a series of tests on their new airplanes.
Will they be skilled enough to take over this challenge?
You’ll know it by watching the new episode of the
Adventures of Bill and John :
“The Danger Attacks at Dawn”

Awards Won :

Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences, New York Film Festival 2006

-Best Picture
-Best Cinematography
-Best Editing
-Best Independent Machinima

GameVideos.com :

-Special Prize of the Public

Second Life Machinima Premiere Festival :

-Best Series


Directed by:
Bertrand Le Cabec
Frédéric Servant
Sébastien Savine

Produced by:
KBS Productions

Frédéric Servant

Frédéric Servant
Bertrand Le Cabec

Sébastien Savine

Bertrand Le Cabec
Frédéric Servant
Sébastien Savine

Special Effects:
Frédéric Servant
Sébastien Savine
Jérémie Mamo
Myriam Catrin

Bertrand Le Cabec
Frédéric Servant
Sébastien Savine
Mathieu Girard
François-Eudes Chanfrault
François Mereu
Pierre André
Barbara Pflüger

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