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Daughter of the East Wind

Germany 2005     05:34

Keywords: 3D Animation - Short film - Visual FX    

Genre(s): Fantasy     Language: English


This trailer is the result of a graduation project in context of the study course "Digital Artist" at the German Film School, located in Elstal, Germany.
The production period was about four months including the manpower of four students.

About the story:
A young musician is being called at his emperor's court in order to take a great challenge: he's supposed to compose a song in a short period of time which is to be played at the wedding ceremony of the princess.
While the young man is literally obsessed with his work on the composition he attracts the attention of the East Wind's daughter who feels magically drawn to the musician's sweet melody.
But the East Wind himself is not amused and even less willing to tolerate a relationship between his daughter and a mortal.
So in the end the musician finds himself confronted with the power of nature, willing to destroy his little life at the Valley of the Singing Stones.


Directed by:
Kristian Bernsen
Daniel von Braun
Christian Reski
Stefanie Scheil

Produced by:

Christoph Hundt

Justin R. Durban

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