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Overmachinima n.1

Mexico 2006     04:29

Keywords: 3D Animation - Interactive media - Machinima - Motion graphics    

Genre(s): Drama - Experimental     Language: No dialogue


Is an attempt to diagram different systems (of
Perception, interaction, production, etc.),
within two contexts: a moving spot inside
'Ovesatutation' (an opensource, code- deep mod
To the game gl-tron exploring oversaturation
Through gameplay, visual, audio experience,
And hardware load) and a fixed spot in mexico
City ( population aprox. 20 million).
It is about the yuxtaposition of paralel
Realities, contrary to the idea of being the
'Real' a system that includes the 'virtual' as a
Fixed hierarchy.

This film was premiered at dorkbot.Ciudad de Mexico.

Oversaturation was commissioned by rhizome.org and has been exhibited at FILE, Rio de Janeiro; Microwave Festival, Hong Kong; New Museun, NYC, ArtTechMedia, Spain, amongst others. It is GNU Public License.


Directed by:
Luis Hernandez

Gabriel Acevedo

Eric Werkhoven

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