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Here are the Winners of Bitfilm 08
Tags: Animation - Bitfilm - Festival - Internet - People 10.07.2008
The Bitfilm community has decided: for two months 91 films from 26 countries competed for the Bitfilm Awards in six categories. More than 130,000 people from 146 countries visited the Bitfilm Festival online. These are the films you liked the most:

3D Space - computer generated 3D animations
1st place (2000 Euros): Our Wonderful Nature by Tomer Eshed (Israel/Germany)
2nd place: Do Penguins Fly by Alban Lelivre (France)
3rd place: Fast Cars by Franois-Xavier Bologna, Thophile Bondoux, Lyonel Charmette and Vincent Le Ster (France)

FX Mix - digitally composed hybrid films
1st place (2000 Euros): Beirut by Elie Dagher (Lebanon)
2nd place: MTV Bahamut Program Packaging by Johnason Lo (Taiwan)
3rd place: Flickermood by Sebastian Lange (Germany)

Flash - vector animations made with Flash
1st place (1500 Euros): Antivirus by Santiago Riscos and Rafael Cano (Spain)
2nd place: Plushood - Meet your New Neighbours by Tamar Moshkowitz (Israel)
3rd place: Heavenly Sword by Ben Hibbon (UK)

Machinima - films shot live in computer games
1st place (1500 Euros): Rusty Whispers: Dennis by Robert Stoneman (UK)
2nd place: I’m so Sick by Baron Soosdon (Finland)
3rd place: The Ballad of the Sex Junkie by Olibith (France)

Mobile - films and series for mobile devices
1st place (1500 Euros): A Perfect Likeness by Darin McGowan (USA)
2nd place: Mousetrap by Eckhard Kruse (Germany)
3rd place: Graham by Paul Scott-Jones (New Zealand)

Realtime - animations rendered on the spot
1st place (1500 Euros): Lifeforce by Andromedia Software Development (Greece)
2nd place: Fairytale by Traction (Finland)
3rd place: fr-041 - debris by Farbrausch (Germany)

All films and the complete ranking are available at www.bitfilm.com/festival

by Aaron Koenig
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