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Producing "The Politics of Progress"
Tags: Animation 02.05.2008
This film was a solo project that I did at Vancouver Film School last August. I spent several weeks working on the storyboard while finishing my final film, and it took just 2 weeks to build and animate. Because my knowledge of Flash was fairly limited at the time, and because we only had two weeks to make it, I wanted my focus to be on the storytelling and not on the complexity of the animation. The backgrounds were drawn in Photoshop and the characters and ladder props were built in Flash. I don't recall exactly what inspired this concept, but I know that I wanted to express the silliness of human nature, as illustrated by robotic characters. Second to that, I wanted to do as much with Flash as I could with as little complexity as possible. And so, please enjoy my film, �The Politics of Progress.�
by Temris

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